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Atari Go

Surround a zone of your opponent.

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Atari Go is a variant of the oriental game Go. The first to make a capture wins the game.

This variant was popularized by Yasuda Yasutosh, a professional Go player.

A capture is when a player surrounds the opponent's stone or stones completely (orthogonaly - just vertical and horizontal).

The game is played on an square board with 9 horizontal and 9 vertical lines, 40 black pieces and 40 white pieces. One color for each player.

Starting with an empty board, the player with the blacks goes first and places one piece on any lines intersection that is free. Then the one with the whites do the same and the game goes on with each one taking a turn.

Please note that the edge of the board is also used for surrouding.

A player cannot surround and capture his own pieces unless that doing it captures opponent pieces and therefore wins the game.

White wins
White plays on C5 and win

Black wins
Black plays on G1 and win

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It will be played on the portuguese 17º Campeonato Nacional de Jogos Matemáticos 2024 CNJM17

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