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Arrive first on the opposite corner. Bomb your path to victory!

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Bomb your path to victory in this 2-player abstract game.


On each turn, each player take one of the following actions: Move one friendly Missles one cell forward (orthogonally or diagonally) - or - Explode one friendly Missles (i.e., capture all Missles of either color orthogonally and diagonally adjacent including itself.)

You win by either moving one of your Missles into the last row, or by eliminating all of your opponent's Missles. If you eliminate your Missles in the process, the game is a draw.

A running Bombardment board game

Game designer: Copyright © 2003 Chris Huntoon
Credits ( Icons8 | )

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General Statistics:
  • 34 games played.
  • 31 victories and 3 draws.
  • 56 average movements per game ( max: 98, min: 6).
  • 16 victories by the first player vs 18 victories from another player.