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Game of the Amazons

Block all the Amazons!

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It is an abstract territorial strategy game for two players invented in 1988 by Argentine Walter Zamkauskas.

It is played on a 10x10 board. Each player has 4 Amazons in their color and start at the following positions:

A starting Game of the Amazons board
A starting Game of the Amazons board

They also have the necessary number of arrows to fill the entire board.

White moves first and then alternates.

Each movement consists of two parts.

First, one of our Amazons moves one or more empty squares in a straight line (orthogonal or diagonal) - like a queen moves in chess. You cannot cross or enter a square occupied by an amazon of any color or an arrow.

Second, after moving, the Amazon shoots an arrow from her place. This arrow can fly in any orthogonal or diagonal direction (even backwards along the same path the Amazon just took). An arrow, like an Amazon, cannot cross or enter a square where another arrow landed or where there is any other Amazon. The arrows shot never move again.

The last player to make a move wins. Draws are impossible.

The strategy of the game is based on the use of arrows (as well as the four Amazons of each one) to block the movement of the opponent’s Amazons and gradually block the territory, trying to confine opponents in the smallest possible regions.

A running board game of Game of the Amazons
A running board game of Game of the Amazons

Game designer: Copyright © 1988 Walter Zamkauskas
Credits ( Icons8 )

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General Statistics:
  • 50 games played.
  • 50 victories and 0 draws.
  • 64 average movements per game ( max: 91, min: 30).
  • 26 victories by the first player vs 24 victories from another player.