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Complete your 4-in-a-row squadron of space ships. Be careful with the gravity around!

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In Gravity you must be the first to build your 4-in-a-row squadron of ships.

But the board has gravity!
Every just placed ship gravitates towards the edges.

Sequence of play:
- Each player alternates placing a ship on an empty cell of the board.
- The board gravitation pulls the ship towards the edges until it reaches de end or an occupied place.

Examples of gravity - place a ship on X and it gravitates to the arrow point.

gravity example 1 gravity example 2 gravity example 3 gravity example 4

Wins who first makes an orthogonal or diagonal 4-in-a-row squadron of ships.

Credits ( Icons8 | Designed by Freepik )

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General Statistics:
  • 27 games played.
  • 27 victories and 0 draws.
  • 15 average movements per game ( max: 39, min: 6).
  • 19 victories by the first player vs 8 victories from another player.