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Isolate with fire opponent's scorpion so it cannot move.

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Each scorpion is placed on the pyramids starting squares.

On every turn there is this sequence of actions,

  1. Move your scorpion just one square in any direction (up, down, left, right and diagonals), and
  2. After moving the scorpion stoke a fire in any sand square on the board.

There can only be one scorpion on every single square. The two pyramids places can be used by both moving scorpions.

Plan well your moves. Don't get confined. As the game runs there will be less space to run away.

If a player cannot move his or her scorpion on his or her turn will lose the game.

Isolation is also known as Isola.

Game designer: Bernd Kienitz
Credits ( Pyramids header: Designed by Freepik | Scorpion icon | Icons8 | Font )

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General Statistics:
  • 145 games played.
  • 145 victories and 0 draws.
  • 20 average movements per game ( max: 45, min: 8).
  • 65 victories by the first player vs 80 victories from another player.