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Be the first to make 5 in-a-row but be careful with the pushes!

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The objective is to win my making a 5 in-a-row, orthogonal or diagonal.

Players take turn placing a tile onto the free squares of a 5x5 square board.

Instead of dropping a tile, the player may choose to push a line (row or column) of the board. All the tiles and squares of that line are shift one space. If a tile is shifted off-board, it re-enters on the opposite side.

A player can't touch a specific line if it was pushed by your opponent in the previous play.

If a push gives both players a 5 in-a-row, wins the player that made it.


Game designer: Copyright © 1985 David M Rea
Credits ( Icons8 | )

General Statistics:
  • 80 games played.
  • 80 victories and 0 draws.
  • 21 average movements per game ( max: 52, min: 9).
  • 43 victories by the first player vs 37 victories from another player.