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Capture all from your opponent.

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Seega is a very old game where you attempt to capture your opponent's pieces. Seega persists today in parts of North Africa. There are some variations in different countries.

It is played on a 5x5 board with each player having 12 pieces. The game has two phases, one for dropping the pieces and the next one for moving and capturing.

Alternately each player places two of their pieces on the board until all spaces are occupied. Except for the center square that is left vacant.

No captures are made during this deployment phase.
When all pieces are placed, the second player begins the movement phase.

Player alternate moving one piece orthogonaly from a square to an adjacent unoccupied square. Pieces are captured by custodian capture. When two friendly pieces are positioned one on either side of the opponent's piece, either vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally.

Seega capture

A piece on the central square is safe from capture.
If a capture is made then the capturing player can move again.
If a player cannot make a legal move, their opponent continues to play until an opening appears.

The winner is the player that captures all the pieces of their opponent. If there is no capture after 20 moves the game ends and the winner is the one with more pieces on the board.

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