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Slide down to the vegetables!

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The Slimetrail game was invented by Bill Taylor in 1992 and it's a two player strategy abstract game.

It's player on a 7x7 board. Each player moves the same snail.

The greens on the bottom left is for the first player and on the top right is for the second one.

The player wins when the snail is moved over the correct green or if the opponent is blocked.

You must move the snail to any adjacent place which doesn't have a slime (horizontaly, vertically and diagonal).

Every time you move the snail, the previous place is filled by a slime.

Slimetrail Boardgame at the end
A finished Slimetrail boardgame with the Second player as a winner

Game designer: Copyright © 1992 Bill Taylor
Credits ( Icons8 )

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General Statistics:
  • games played.
  • victories and draws.
  • average movements per game ( max: , min: ).
  • victories by the first player vs victories from another player.