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Make a path side to side cutting through your enemy.

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It's a two players game where one uses white stones and the other black stones.

Each player owns two opposite edges of the board. One has the top and the bottom edges (white), while the other has the left and right edges (black).

On your turn you drop one of your stones on an empty square of the board except on corners or on the opponents edges.

If at least one opponent stone is between that stone and another friendly stone (orthogonal or diagonal), then all opponent stones that were between those stones flip its color (like an Othello move).

The winner is the first one who manages to do an orthogonal path connecting his two opposite edges.

Two stones diagonally aside are not continuous in a path. The corners belong to both edges.

Troll Board Example
In the middle of a Troll board game

Game designer: Copyright © 1993 Jean-Claude Rosa
Credits ( Icons made by Smashicons from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY )

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